Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lenca Pottery

Recently, we took a field trip to the home and business of a local family of sisters. They are gifted potters and demonstrated their techniques for creating the traditional Lenca artform. The Lenca are the indigenous people of this region of Honduras and their pottery's black and white design makes it unique and prized throughout the world.

Here are some photos from our tour:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Holy Experience

Every Good Friday communities, churches and families take to the streets in major cities across Honduras to create an incredible piece of artwork. The installation takes days to complete, but the finished piece will last a mere moments when the parades of Catholic revelers march through it on procession to the church. It is an observation of the walk Christ made to the place of his sacrifice. And although much of the significance of what He endured for our sake is lost in the pomp and ritual, the beauty of the art and the joy of the process takes my breath away. Strolling the streets and admiring the sawdust carpets, I encounter my creative, beautiful, relationship-desiring Heavenly Father. For me, it is a holy experience.