Monday, July 04, 2016

Leaving It All Out on the Table

One of our favorite things about being in the U.S. for HMA (Home Ministry Assignment) is the opportunity to take part in family camps across the country. We spent this week at Camp Sharon in Wadsworth, Ohio.

The Challenge: 
One week to build meaningful relationships with complete strangers

The Goal: 
To make an impact on lives and for the mission in Honduras

The Strategies:
Serve. Interact. Start conversations. Listen. Be open and vulnerable.Bless and be blessed. Love people.

Of course we played games and interacted with kids and teens. That comes naturally to us. But we also got out of our comfort zone, met some amazing people, heard their amazing stories and shared our hearts. We poured our entire selves into the people of Camp Sharon this week and we are spent. We left it all out on the table and now there's nothing left but to trust God to use it for His glory and our good.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Conquering the Language Barrier

On our recent short visit to Honduras to renew our residencies, we were thrilled to find that our Spanish hasn't suffered quite as much as we'd imagined after six months in the U.S. Nevertheless, we took the opportunity to visit the Spanish Institute of Honduras in Siguatepeque, Honduras. We plan to attend full-time classes at the school for several months after returning to the field. We were impressed with the teaching methods used by the school, including clear goals to accomplish, complete grammar workbooks and extensive verbal practice. We have also heard great things about the school from fellow missionaries and former students. It was exciting to see classes in-person and get an idea of what to expect when we arrive.

Here some photos taken on tour last month: