How We Serve

Steve has both a construction and technology background. In addition to keeping the electricity on and the computers virus-free, he is the go-to guy for all kinds of maintenance projects. Kelly is a graphic designer and marketing professional and has worked with the El Sembrador website, marketing materials and sponsorship program. 

But we are most excited about our work with the students of Escuela El Sembrador. We have started a ministry in the school's rec room, where we've developed a program and schedule of activities that engage and inspire students. We work hard to create a fun, open, family environment where students learn to practice the principles and values they are taught in their academic and spiritual classes. The goals of the ministry include: improving self-esteem; developing social skills and building healthy relationships; demonstrating respect and discipline; inspiring creativity; teaching accountability; positive methods for relieving stress; and creating fun childhood memories.

In this role, we focus on building relationships with young people that model the love of Christ for His children. We are convinced that by influencing future leaders, ministries like these have the potential to transform families, churches, communities and the nation of Honduras.