Friday, January 12, 2007

Nathan's Transplant

As some of you may remember, I have a close high school friend, Nathan, that suffers from a genetic kidney disorder called PKD. Nathan regularly goes through dialysis and is not always feeling his best. We've been encouraged lately by news that a potential donor friend of his was a good match and that a transplant might be scheduled as early as February. So, I was surprised to learn this morning that Nathan had been chosen a receive a kidney from a cadaver and the transplant is happening today. I am so happy for Nathan. I can think of very few people strong enough in faith to endure the uncertainty that comes with this kind of devastating disease. Nathan is one of those people. I am ecstatic that he has this opportunity to overcome his illness. So please say a little prayer for his well-being today and thank God for the life that was lost so that Nathan can live.

Nathan tells me that his wife will be updating his blog when the transplant is complete to let us all know how he is doing.

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