Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Super Storage

Yesterday, PK was a lucky ducky and had a day off work. He even took CT to daycare so he had the whole day to himself. I know, try to contain your jealousy until after you see how he spent his day.

To understand the magnitude of PK's selfless act, you have to understand a little about our house. Instead of a separate kitchen and living room. We built one large room with our kitchen/dining area and living room all combined. I believe it's called "great" room. I can tell you that it's not really all that great when it comes to storage. Despite having a large center island, we run dangerously low on cabinet space in the kitchen. One trip to Sam's Club and we've got boxes of Chef Boyardee stacked on the floor in the living room. In addition, PK and I have a small addiction to board games. I've been told that I'm a little bit competitive, but I prefer to think of it as driven to succeed at all costs. Anyway, our large collection of board games and my numerous scrapbooks and photo albums were stacked on an old white bookshelf leftover from PK's Marine Corps barracks and a garage sale table with chipped baby blue paint. I don't care how careful we were to stack the games and books neatly, it still always looked messy and there was no way to hide it. We could have stored the games someplace else, but we play them at our kitchen table and I love a quick game of Boggle while cooking dinner.

Well, fellow citizens, the battle between function and neatness is no more. With a little help from Home Depot, Super Hubby has saved the day and surprised his wife with new storage cabinets that he bought and installed on his day off work.

OK, now you can be jealous.

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1 comment:

SS said...

It's not a garage sale table! It is a a family heirloom from great-great aunt whats-her-face.