Wednesday, January 10, 2007


To be honest, I've been running a little low on things to blog about these days. I've been leading quite a boring existence lately. I go to work. I come home. I microwave/thaw/drive-thru something for dinner. Then I spend the rest of the evening knitting the never-ending scarf while watching old episodes of Star Trek with CT. It's been like this since Christmas. That's what I hate about desperate shopping burned cookies to rebake. And this year there's not even any real weather to talk about. It's positively balmy by Minnesota standards and there's very little snow. Ho Hum.

There is a little excitement at work today. One of our print vendors has invited the graphic designers to their site for a tour and free lunch. I know excitement is hardly the word to describe this little field trip, but I did say it was a free lunch, right? Anyway, it should take me away from my mundane chores and overdue deadlines for several hours which will be a nice respite. They never let us out of our cubes around here. Oh sure, we sometimes make our way through their little maze to the restroom and we're rewarded with overpriced cheese crackers from the vending machine, but it's not real freedom.

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