Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February Stamp Club

For those who don't know. February is birthday month for me. Among my friends and family, I have 12 birthdays to celebrate this month. So, the theme for this month's Stamp Club meeting was birthday cards, because I've been spending so much time making them lately. No Valentines for this stamper. I'm way too busy keeping up with all the aging going on!

If you look closely, you'll notice that I used the cracked glass technique on the screen. The inside of the card reads "You're how old?!?!?" Perfect for a certain brother-in-law...not that his aging is funny, but it does make me feel younger.

This one was for my nephew. What kind of card do you give a 20-year-old guy anyway? A photo of half-naked girls is kinda inappropriate for a nephew, so I settled for something simple. I'm sure he'll appreciate it in his own way.

This one was given to my father-in-law with a western paperback book for a present. As you can tell, I kinda like a theme.

I just realized that if February is birthday month, then May is one heckuva month too....because of Mother's Day, of course.

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