Friday, June 29, 2007

CT's Big, Exciting Week

I've discovered this week that our little CT is one lucky little boy. Mom flew in for a visit on Saturday, so he's been spoiled rotten. We're talking all his favorite foods, new clothes, homemade breakfasts and patience beyond belief. Most weeks the best he can hope for is frozen pizza, tennis shoes with sole separation issues (that kid can walk through shoes!), cold cereal (sometimes with no milk) and constant reprimanding. I do realize that I just made myself out to be a horrible mother, but before you call social services, just note that I do often exaggerate and no mother can compete with the superhero that is Nana. I don't get it. She takes naps and cooks vegetables every day and he still loves her better....not that it's a competition. Well, who could blame him, she is pretty awesome. I mean, look how I turned out. I should note here that I was also fed heartily, received new clothes and managed to snag a few hot breakfasts before work despite the early hour. See, told ya she was a superhero.

CT started Twins baseball camp this week. I was a little concerned that he would feel inadequate since all the other kids most likely played in a league. But he seemed to take it fairly well and came home exhausted every afternoon. The highlight of the camp was he got to meet Rod Carew and Tony Oliva. They even signed some autographs for him. He also received a camp t-shirt, Twins hat, tickets to any game and was interviewed for a newspaper article. While it was by no means cheap, I was really impressed with the instruction he received and he seemed in awe of the whole thing.

On Monday night, Nana and I got up some nerve and went downtown to take CT to his very first rock concert. Actually, I was the only one who was nervous. Super Nana was just along for the party. Anyway, we went to see Bowling for Soup at the Fine Line downtown. I actually love Bowling for Soup and have all their albums, but I was nervous that I might be a bad parent for taking my kid to see a band that curses and tends to talk about sex a little too much. I knew it was an "all ages" show, but I wasn't sure it would really be appropriate for a 10-year-old. Despite a few F-words flung around, the concert was great and CT had a blast. He was rocking out with the crown and singing along with the band. It was definitely a great memory-maker for him. For the record, I wasn't the only one who brought a kid to a punk band concert. So, I may be a bad mother, but I'm not a bad mother alone!

The best part of the week for me was last night. PK and Mom get along fine now, but it hasn't always been that way. I think they've just come to a sort of understanding and can now tolerate small doses of eachother. Last night we all went out to dinner together....still well within the bounds of their strained, yet polite, relationship. After dinner we got into the car to go home....well, some of us did. PK is so used to hearing 3 doors shut and then taking off that he prematurely gunned the gas while Mom still had one foot on the pavement. Yes, he dragged his mother-in-law 3 or 4 feet before he managed to slam on the breaks! OK, I don't enjoy seeing my mother get injured and I was relieved to know that she was just a little sore and was not bleeding. However, the awkward silence int he car and the clumsy apologies from my very Norwegian hubby made me laugh so hard, I nearly peed my pants. For a good 15 minutes the car was quiet except for an occasional nervous laugh and a mumbled "I'm sorry" every once in awhile. Now, I'm sure that both parties know PK did not intentionally run over his mother-in-law. Still, there was the quiet undertone of suspicion throughout the rest of the evening. PK was wondering if she was going to hold this against him for the rest of his life and Mom was wondering if there wasn't some subliminal murderous tendency toward her. It was frickin' hilarious, y'all.

So, CT and Super Nana left this morning. I have 2 weeks with no child and no responsibility....Oh, wait I do still have PK at home to worry about....and that hateful shrew of a cat. So, I guess it won't be much different afterall. Still, I'll miss the little freckle face.

Here's the cat plotting to overthrow the household while we're one man down. She's not cute and cuddly.
She's angry, bitter and she's not gonna take it anymore!

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