Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Feeling a bit weak, insignificant, unimportant? Boy, have I got a cure for you!

I started my new position at work about six months ago. Changing positions within a company can be intimidating all by itself. Add to it the uncertainty of a totally new career path and completely foreign job requirements, and you've got yourself one stressful situation. I'm not used to being the inept one and I'm definitely not enjoying my role as new girl. Learning to work with the same people in a different role is no picnic either. Needless to say, this new job has been humbling experience to date. I've learned quite a bit, but I'm still having trouble asserting myself in the unfamiliar waters of the marketing department. I know, pretty hard to picture me cowering in my cube in fear of speaking up, huh? But that's how I feel sometimes...a lack of confidence that is utterly new to me.

I've recently discovered a little cure for my feelings of inadequacy at work, though. It's based on a little thing I like to call "Power Accessories". Now, I'm no fashion diva by any means. When I started this new position, I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because my jeans and sweatshirt were no longer acceptable attire. I've grown accustomed to ironing every day and carrying a lint brush in my purse. I don't particularly enjoy these rituals, but they are becoming a part of my everyday life. Oh sure, I felt the air of importance when I was issued my company credit card, cell phone and laptop (with case...only really important people get a case, y'all...ok, everyone gets a case, but it made me feel distinguished carrying around my "briefcase"). But the newness quickly wore off when I realized I was just lugging around a whole lot more crap and that my back and shoulders were paying for my new status symbols. But then, just when I thought there was no hope and that I was destined to be the meek village idiot of the marketing department, autumn came along. Beautiful, colorful, cool fall in all its glory reached Minnesota and I found the answer to my sudden case of insecurity. Boots....yep a wonderful, perfect, powerful pair of boots. Not just any boots either. These boots are faux snakeskin with heels that could easily take down a moose if tossed from a distance close enough. They are tall, sleek, pointy-toed wonders of this modern world. That click-clack sound on the the hallway floor gives me the courage I need to make decisions, call meetings and lead teams....all while ready to kick butt at any moment. They make me stand taller, walk faster and demand respect. My new pair of boots aren't just a fashion statement. They are a reincarnation of the self-confident assurance that I used to possess. Oh, I'm sure I'll be able to command the same adoration and esteem in a pair of sandals someday, but for now my boots have given me back the self-reliant spirit that helped get me this job. And I love them for it.

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Michelle said...

Kelly you are so funny. I love to read your blog, I only wish you posted more. I love your witty sense of humor. Yall have a Happy Halloween tomorrow. Send pictures of Nick in his costume. I'll send some of my kids as well.