Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Needed a Potholder

Last weekend I spent an entire day knitting a potholder (see photo below). As PK kindly pointed out, I rarely use the oven or stove. It's true that the microwave is my best friend (along with the waitress at Pablo's). So, why spend so much time on a silly potholder? Well, I think after burning my hand last week on frozen pizza, I decided that a potholder may in fact be the greatest invention of all time.

Anyway, I needed a potholder. I think the dryer and/or washer ate all of mine....except for that one that caught fire last time I tried to bake cookies. (RIP, my beloved plaid chicken. You served us well.) Besides one ugly orange, old-lady scarf not worthy of a blog, this is the very first thing I've ever knitted for myself. For that reason alone, I am extremely proud of my little potholder.

Coming soon....washcloth! You never know when the appliances will decide to team up with the socks and declare war on another one of my linens!

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