Friday, May 16, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment.....EVER!

I have a firm belief that sharing your embarrassing moments and having the ability to laugh at yourself is a sure way to recover from a mortifying moment in your life. This week I had such a horrendous instance that it has brought me out of my blogging hiatus to tell the tale that will surely make everyone who has ever experienced an awkward moment feel just a little bit consoled in the fact that it could have been worse....much, much worse.

This week I had the pleasure of providing snacks for CT's baseball team. So, I took a little trip to my local Target on my lunch break to pick up some nourishment for the little Cy Youngs. The parking lot and check-out lines are always a nightmare at lunch as everyone is out running a quick errand or two. Still, I decided to brave the crowd and was pretty successful for the most part. My last stop was on the pop aisle (soda or Coke depending on your geographical location). I bent over to pick up a 12-pack of Gatorade from the bottom shelf. As I stood to put it my basket I glanced down to see my skirt....on the floor. It took me a brief second to realize that I was now standing in the center of a very crowded aisle in my underwear. Everyone stopped and stared in disbelief.

The heel of my very cute new sandal had caught on the hem of the skirt as I bent over and managed to tug it down as I stood up. As you can imagine, my hands were full and the shoe was still firmly tangled in the hem of the skirt. It must have taken me an agonizing 2 or 3 seconds to remove the shoe, yank the skirt up and slink off in utter humiliation. It was not a very graceful departure as I had to put down my cargo before replacing my shoe. And as I turned to race down the aisle, I saw a small child sitting in the front of his mother's cart pointing and yelling at the top of his lungs, "Look at that lady's underwear!".

I realize that these days every square inch of a retail store is covered by a security camera. I fully expect the video of my little snafu to be circulating on YouTube as we speak. Oh well, at least I had on my good panties!

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