Thursday, May 14, 2009

Licking Walls

We're trying to get our house ready to rent out. In order to get enough to cover the mortgage payment while we're in Honduras, we need to finally finish the downstairs bathroom. As some of you may know, the bathroom has been a blight on our marriage. After 8 years of fighting, we finally have incentive to kiss, make up and install a toilet. Anyway, this week PK is building walls. I'm not exactly sure what building walls entails, but apparently there's something to do with sanding. Lucky for us, the new bathroom is located right next to our ventilation, so there's a fine layer of dust on everything in our home. And when I say everything...I mean everything. PK resembles Casper more and more every hour. My hair is more gray than usual and I think I just sneezed a cloud. In short, I can now tell you what a wall tastes like....and it isn't as tasty as you might think.

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Michelle said...

Hahahaha!! You crack me up!!