Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some things you don't see every day...and you should be glad

Last Friday, I came home from work to have lunch with CT. We had a nice, pleasant lunch, but I was reluctant to go back to work (no surprise). So, I wasn't really all that broken up when I go stopped in traffic by the train. There I was sitting there minding my own business. Of course, I wasn't alone. I was surrounded by other commuters mindlessly fiddling with their radios and munching on fast food. There were families riding their bikes on the sidewalk and a jogger pacing at the crosswalk. We all waited...and waited to go on with our day. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a large man on a much-too-small motorized scooter slowly making his way up the block. Now, you would think that this sight would be a little entertaining to watch in our collective boredom. Well, you don't know how right you'd be. The entire traffic jam united in simultaneous double-take. The puttering middle-aged man was wearing nothing bu his tighty-whities. That's right, nothing but his Hanes. I cringed, but could not look away. He tarried along at 5 miles per hour with his captive audience staring after him in shock. Before you ask, no I did not think to grab my camera phone and I have no proof of this oddity. But these are things that I can't possibly make up. It wasn't a pleasant site, but it definitely made the day interesting.

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