Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The past two weeks have been exhausting for us. Last weekend we drove to Branson and back and this weekend we drove to Fort Smith and back. That's a lot of miles...and two flat tires! We had two reasons for our southern odyssey. First, we wanted to visit Mom, my grandma (PL for pink lady) and PM (for Pig's mom). Second, we had the opportunity to speak at PL's church and my home church about our mission work in Honduras. The bonus was that we left CT down in Branson for the week in between the visits. He had a great vacation (and so did we). The talks went really well and got a great response. We're still a really long way from reaching our goal, but the love and support has been amazing. I hope we can keep up this momentum.

We got home late last night and CT got his first look at his school supplies that I purchased while he was gone. Today he spent the day packing them away, but there was a small catch. He couldn't put an item away until he looked up and wrote down the Spanish work for the item. We thought it would be a good way to add to his vocabulary. He did a pretty good job and didn't whine too much, which is quite a victory these days.

We also arrived home to a letter from Luis at Escuela El Sembrador. We were so happy to hear from him. He told us that he had to leave the school and return home for a week following the coupe in Honduras. Luckily his family lives in the town near the school (Catacamas) so he didn't have to travel very far. He is so sweet. He reminded us to pray for the country and told us that he loved his American padrinos (parents). I can hardly wait to see him again. His letter really lifted our spirits and reminded us that our exhaustion is worthwhile.

Well, we're home now and hopefully things will get back to normal...which is pretty draining on a regular basis, so there'll be no rest.


Lisa, Ryan, and Chandler said...

Hi Kelly,
My name is Lisa, I am from St Pauls Lutheran Church in Crookston,MN. I read about your mission in the sunday bulletin. I was blessed to spend 10 days in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with my sister and her family as they were missionaries with WGO the past year. Her husband is a chiropractor and she is a nurse. They are now back in the states, but I wanted to give you their contact information if you had questions about Honduras and what not. Their names are Ryan & Jamie Schroeder and their email is rjshroederfamily@gmail.com. Best wishes to you and your family!!

KellyFaith said...

Thank you for the contact information, Lisa. We'd love to get some insights from Ryan and Jamie.

Thanks for your support.