Saturday, February 27, 2010

International Cuisine

Today we attended a farewell lunch for one of the office ladies who accepted a different job. We were surprised to find out the menu was Chinese take-out. It was about the same as Chinese food back home...except the meat look especially suspicious here.

Then for dinner, we convinced another missionary to give us a ride into to town for dinner. We ate pizza at the Texaco, which is the fast food of Catacamas. It tasted about how you would expect gas station pizza to taste, but it was nice to be out for a change. Apparently, the Texaco is the place to be on a Saturday night because there was a large crowd and loud music in the parking lot. CT was especially excited to be out because he got to ride in the back of the pick-up, which is common practice in Olancho. However, we did have to pull over once because our Honduran friend who rode with him convinced him to stand up. This may be perfectly normal in Olancho, but is not acceptable for this gringo mom who almost had a heart attack!

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