Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Day Is It?

Someone told me that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. At El Sembrador, we never know what day it is. They are all the same, except for Sundays. When I say every day is the same, I mean that they are the same in that they are all different. I mean we never do the same things from day to day, but they feel the same, if that makes sense. There is endless work here and you never know what you'll find yourself doing from one day to the next. But it sort of all runs together...kind of like when you're a kid and the summer seems like endless days of adventure.

There's no time clock to punch or commute at El Sembrador. The work day never begins or ends and we're always on call. In fact, all the clocks run at different speeds because of the inconsistent electricty, so we never know what time it actually is. If it weren't for the bell that rings at mealtimes and bedtime, we wouldn't even know if it was morning or afternoon. We have no car and we rarely leave the school campus. We are working harder and longer than we ever have before. It sounds like a prison. But there is freedom like I've never experienced before. There's freedom in doing what you are meant to do. I am profoundly aware the most people don't get to experience this kind of freedom and I am so grateful for every moment.

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Tracy said...

you are tuely blessed to experience that!!