Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Field Trip!

On Monday this week, CT's teacher decided to take the kids on a field trip and I went along. The younger kids are learning about plants so she took us to nursery in Catacamas. We wandered through the garden looking at the exotic flowers. Of course, none of us knew what kin they were, but they certainly interesting. There were several different kind of roses and lillies. But my favorite was a tree that looked like it had huge, furry, red spiders growing in it.

After the nursery, we took a short drive and stopped for a soda at a little pulperia. Finally, we headed down a little dirt road with more potholes than dirt. We ended up at a small Honduran resort beside a tilapia farm. They had beautiful garden walks and fountains complete with a cage of monkeys, a pond of turtles and a cage of parakeets. It was a very shady and peaceful area with hammocks slung between trees and small dining areas surrounding a beautiful blue pool.

For lunch, I had the fried fresh fish, which was fantastic and CT had the juiciest fried chicken he's ever eaten. We also shared an order of anafres, which is a mixture of beans and cheese that is served over a dish of hot coals with tortilla chips.

We spent the rest of the day at the pool, which also had a large waterslide. It was such relaxing and fun day. I felt a little guilty for taking a "day off", especially when I called home to find out that PK was shoveling rocks and pouring concrete in the hot sun. But we have been working so hard this past week and it really was nice to get away for a little while. Besides, I got a nasty sunburn, so I figure I've paid for it already.

I was sitting beside the pool and looked over the fence to see the sprawling mountain vista framed by two large palm trees and that's when it hit me. Wow, I live in Honduras.


Michelle said...

GREAT shot of him in the hammock!! Looks beautiful!

Tracy said...

love the stories and pictures!@

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