Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Fiesta

I suddenly remembered during the week last week that Luis' birthday is in April. After some investigation, I confirmed that it was on Sunday. So we asked Eddy to call him and invite him to our house for a little birthday party this past Saturday.

I managed to get a ride into town on Friday to a little store where a lot of our boys shop for their necessities. Shopping is very different here. Everything is in a glass case or behind a counter...even the clothes. It's very hard to chose a shirt or pair of jeans from a folded stack in a glass case! I settled on a ball cap with an American Flag embroidered on it. It is a custom in Honduras never to open a gift in front of the giver, so I don't know how he liked it.

On Saturday after lunch, I managed to find several boys on campus that were friends with Luis when he was a student here and I invited them to join us for the party. Luis took a taxi from town to the school in the afternoon. We didn't have a translator this time, but I was feeling particularly confident in my Spanish that day so the conversation never lagged too much. We had cake and all the boys got such a kick out of the trick candles. Then some of the boys got interested in the Soduku book on the table and PK taught them how to work the puzzles. After a couple of hours, I gave Luis some money for the taxi home and sent him home with a piece of leftover cake for his mom. Before he left, I invited him to meet us at church in town. Again, he said he was too busy. So I promised to call him and invite him again this week.

It was such a little thing to host this little get together, but it meant so much to us that he took his time and money to come see us. I am always amazed at how seriously the boys take their relationships with their sponsors. If only more people understood this, they wouldn't take this opportunity to make a difference for granted.

Reyes, CT, Jorge, Eddy and Luis

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