Saturday, April 17, 2010

A New Look

Living out at the farm with a bunch of boys can be hard for a lady....especially a lady used to living in the city and having her own car! But today, I got the opportunity to spend the day with the gringas in Catacamas. We took our time, did some shopping, had lunch and got haircuts.

The best part about shopping in Honduras is that everyone here is short like me. So, unlike my marathon shopping expeditions in the states, I had no problem finding a new pair of jeans that fit me. I also bought a new pair of sandals because the ones I brought with were completely worn out and disgusting. It's too hot to wear the tennis shoes I brought, so I really needed to find a new pair. Like I said, everyone here has a short stature. So, it should be no surprise that all the ladies wear extremely high heels, which are not very practical for life on the farm. It took some shopping around, but I finally found a comfortable pair of sandals with a more modest heel.

The best part of the day was our visit to the salon. I desperately needed a haircut and we found a very nice salon with a very talented hair dresser. And I paid under $10! You would never get this kind of service in the States and everyone was so friendly and patient with our attempts at Spanish.

It was a great day with some great friends and I'm already looking forward to our next escape!

My new do:

BTW, I'll never get it to look like this again!

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