Monday, May 24, 2010

Escuela El Sembrador Academy

Escuela El Sembrador Academy is the school on campus for missionary kids. Since we arrived it has consisted of 3 students...strangely all of them have red hair and adorable freckles. RH (Redhead) is in first grade, LR (Little Red) is in kindergarten and, of course, CT is in 7th grade.

We've been blessed with a wonderful teacher who has managed to teach all three at the same about amazing! Last Friday, we had a graduation ceremony/science fair. The kids each got to show off some of the work they've done this year and they were presented with diplomas. CT still officially has a couple more weeks for school, but he also got to particpate in the graduation and took the opportunity to share his science fair project with the missionaries on campus.

Sadly we have to say goodbye to CT's classmates as their time at El Sembrador has come to an end this week. We are so lucky to have these little guys in our missionary family and they are certainly going to be missed. CT is officially the only MK left at El Sembrador. We know that his relationships with the boys will keep him from being lonely, but El Sembrador will definitely be a little more quiet without our class of little readheads.

In a few weeks we'll be saying goodbye to our friend and teacher too. While we are happy for her new position at the bilingual school in Tegucigalpa, she will be sorely missed here. So far, we don't have a teacher for CT when school starts again in August. More than likely I will be sharing this responsibility with another missionary on campus. As you can imagine, teaching your own teenager could be quite a challenge...especially for someone with as little patience as myself. So, I am praying that somehow God will deliver me from this experience and send a volunteer willing to take on 8th grade with CT.

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