Monday, May 31, 2010

A Girls' Adventure in Catacamas

Last week, AT (Artistic Teacher) and I caught a ride into town and spent the afternoon exploring Catacamas on our own.

A man fixing the tiles on his roof

The Mujeres store has some cute American clothes, but they're very expensive. They do have good prices on shoes though.

Christy's is one of our favorite stops in town, even though it's too expensive to buy anything. It's an American shopping experience. Christy was the first Honduran to graduate from the MK school at El Sembrador and she speaks flawless English. She lived for years in the Unites States. We love to stop and chat with her. Her store a little piece of Americana in a foreign land.

This is our favorite coffee shop in town. We like the frappacinos. Yes, they are even better than Starbucks...and they only cost about a dollar.

On this day we found a little bakery where we tried a cake that tasted more like cornbread and a divinity-type cookie.

Julio Verne is our absolute favorite store in town. It's a liberia. In other words, it sells paper goods, school supplies, wrapping paper and other odds and ends. We can find almost anything we really need here. It's especially good for affordable birthday gifts and books.

We found a nice pair of pants for CT in this little hole in the wall shops. The streets are littlered with these little stalls. It's kind of like shopping at a flea market.

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