Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Talgua Caves

Catacamas is famous for the Talgua caves and it is the only real tourist attraction in the area. In honor of the start of summer vacation, I asked permission to borrow a car and drive to take a group of us to the caves for a little day trip. We packed a lunch and headed up the mountains outside Catacamas to the park. First, we took a tour of the largest cave. Luckily, ST was along and could translate for the guide. We had a few frightening moments, first when the elecricity went out (as it usually does in Catacamas) and we were left in the cave darkness with only a couple of flashlights. And then when we didn't recognize the exit route and thought we were lost for a split second. It didn't help matters that the guide had just finished describing the ancient burial grounds found in the cave with bone that glowed an eerie green due to the mineral deposits. Thankfully, that part of the cave is not open to the public and we were spared the horror movie scene. We made it out safely much to everyone's relief.

After our spelunking adventure, we had lunch and went to a nearby swimming pool to cool off. When the pool was overrun by two dozen little kids, we took a dip in the nearby Tagua River instead. It was a great day to unwind and spend time with our friends.

Jairo, Mirna, PK, CT, SV (Sports Volunteer), Santos, Eddy, ST and AT at the entrance to Talgua Caves

Thank goodness we had CT to hold up the cave ceiling for us!

Eddy in the pool

SV and CT in the Talgua River

I just needed to soak my feet for a few minutes

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