Sunday, July 04, 2010

An Independence Day to Remember

We weren't really trying to celebrate, but today ended up being the most American day we've had in a while. We started at church where CT finally got to perform with the worship band. He played his trumpet while the whole congregation clapped along. After church, we all took to the field for a game of softball with the boys. It was intensely hot and humid and I managed to get the annual fourth of July sunburn on my legs. After the game and much-needed showers. I scrounged up some hot dogs for dinner (thanks to Neighbor Missionary Lady) complete with ketchup and mustard. Luckily, PK just returned from Teguc where he managed to score a large bag of Ruffles potato chips to complement our holiday meal. After supper we were back outside again for the volleyball tournament where I cheered so loud that I started losing my voice. The Lord always provides and he provided our fireworks tonight when a storm rolled in just as the games were winding down. PK and I capped off the night with a game of Skip-Bo followed by stroll in the ice cold downpour.

Even though we weren't able to celebrate with the usual picnic and fireworks, this 4th of July seems more special. We are able to appreciate how fortunate we are to be Americans. My prayer this 4th of July is that God will continue to bless the United States with prosperity, security and freedom and also that He will pour out those same blessings on the people of Honduras like the torrential rain he sent us tonight.

PK and I after our walk in the rain.

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