Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Siempre un Canción (Always a Song)

I can't help it. I love this kid. Jorge makes me laugh and it's hard to be unhappy when he's around. We were lucky enough to meet him last year when we visited El Sembrador with a work team from our church. He's a natural leader and you can't help but take notice of his infectious laughter. I immediately felt more relaxed when we arrived to see his bright smile. He's the kind of kid that laughs at my Spanish, but not in a mean or malicious way and I always end up laughing with him. That's the thing with Jorge. You always get the feeling that he really does like you and you really want him to. He's one of a very few people that I just really like to hang out with. He's fun and always in a good mood even when I'm not. I can always count on him to lift my spirits.

But the thing I love most about Jorge is the singing. There is always a song on his lips. He sings when he works. He sings when he plays soccer. And he sings while he sits on my hammock on the front porch. When I hear him through my open window, I always think of that Psalm "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord..." Jorge is joyful in everything he does and it is my joy to be a part of his life at El Sembrador.

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