Saturday, July 03, 2010

¡Vamos Equipo Amarillo!

Dia de Escuela (Day of the School) has started. This is an annual tradition to celebrate the founding of the school 56 years ago. The staff and students are divided into four teams (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) and participate in all kinds of contests and sporting events for prizes and all-important bragging rights. It's a highlight of the entire year for most of the students and we're all really excited to be included....of course, we are a divided household. CT is on the Blue Team and PK is on the Green Team. But I am privileged to be co-captain of the best team...Team Yellow and we are destined to go down in history as the greatest Dia de Escuela team of all times (at least in my mind). Did I mention that yellow happens to be my favorite color?

Anyway, today the games began with the futbolito tournament, which is a fast version of soccer played on a small court. Our very first event and we placed third! Of course, there are only four teams, but the point is that we weren't last....and PK was. I even got in the game for a few minutes much to the amusement of my teammates and the onlookers. I always knew that someday throngs of people would chant my name. The cheering crowds inspired my championship spirit and I actually kicked the ball once (kind of by acident, but I don't think they noticed). Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for them to come begging me to join the Escuela El Sembrador soccer team.

Official Dia de Escuela Futbolito Results:
Yellow vs. Red - Red advances to final
Blue vs. Green - Blue advances to final
Yellow vs. Green - Yellow placed 3rd and Green places 4th

Championship Game scheduled for July 12.

Yellow vs. Red

Ariel, Kevin, KellyFaith, Milton and Bismar

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