Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Honduras Scavenger Hunt

Only on a drive across Honduras is this scavenger hunt possible. Good thing we had a good, long bus ride to the field retreat!

A pharmacy named "Maria"
A lady carrying a baby with a pot on her head
A convertible car with the top down
XAn iguana
XA string of Christmas lights
A yellow bus with mud flaps that say "Dios es Amor"
A man wearing bright green pants and a hat
A shoeshine boy
XA stock of red bananas
XA man laying in a hammock
XA window box with flowers blooming
XA vehicle with a USA license plate
XA little girl with pigtails
A boy riding a donkey
XA man with a machete strapped to his belt
XAn airplane - flying or on the ground
XFish on a string
XA house with a green door and green shutters
XA truck with a flat tire
A lady driving her car and talking on a cell phone
XA sign advertising TelaMar
A pickup loaded with at least 10 people in the back
XA soccer game
XA momma hen with her chicks
XA sign for pupusas
A Hummer
XA bright purple house
XA lady washing clothes in a river
A dead horse with buzzards on it
XA lady with a blue umbrella
A Wendy's truck
A John Deere tractor
XA man rocking in a rocking chair
XAn empty 2-liter Pepsi bottle
XA yellow rose
XA saddled horse
XA real clothes line (not on fences, bushes or ground)
XA red macaw
XA white van full of gringos
XRoad kill
XA car wash
XA lady sweeping her yard
XA girl with a pink backpack
Red tennis shoes
Momma pig with piglets

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