Tuesday, August 31, 2010

La Tienda

Dear Tienda,

I know that you must take one morning a month for your inventory, but must it be today?!? You are very inconsiderate. Is it not enough that you seduce me with your Pepsi and Pinguinos daily? Have you not tortured me enough with empty ice cream freezers for three entire days already? I cannot make it one morning without the hum of your freezers or the taste of your sweet cookies. Therefore, I find myself in great despair this morning and without hope for the afternoon. Perhaps I shall leave your beautiful rows of chips and your ice cold Gatorade behind and eat an apple for breakfast instead. Or perhaps I shall dare to sup on a frozen waffle. I can see that this relationship is not healthy and that I must move on and do something productive this morning. But I linger outside your shuttered windows hoping that you will somehow sense my desire and have mercy on me. Oh sure, there are other pulperias filled with delightful treats, but none can compare to the bounty within our own little El Sembrador world. Sadly, Tienda, I love you too much and though you cannot return my adoration, I pine for you and eagerly await your happy return. I am forever yours.


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