Friday, October 22, 2010

Despidida de El Puente

The worst part about the end of the year activities at El Sembrador is how much they drag out the horrible goodbyes. On Thursday, the boys got the day off school and we took all crowded on the bus for a trip to the pool at El Puente. It was an opportunity for us all to have fun together before final exams started on Monday. The day just reminded how much I love these guys and how sad I am to say goodbye.

Juan and William

Kevin and Milton

Yuny and Anna

The Bible School Girls - Karely, Reyna and Iris

Omar and AT arguing over the sunblock

Jorge and Cristian Josue

Luis jumps in

CT and Cristian Josue

The very talented Samuel

David doesn't swim, but he relaxes poolside

Darwin shows no fear at the top of the waterslides

Not sure who these are, but they have a sweet tandem dive going

Again, not sure who it is,  but awesome technique

I think this is Santiago


Luis Miguel and Arle after re-geling their hair

Arle and Cristian Ariel

Hoseman, Bismar and Ariel waiting for the slide

Joel needed a little nap. Notice the socks pulled over the pants and the shoes neatly placed under the hammock.

Jose Elias enjoys lunch

Rusbel says the fish isn't good in Olancho so he eats the steak.

Santiago and Jorge chillin by the pool



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