Thursday, January 06, 2011

Proof that God is in Control

The Lord took yesterday's routine search of the classifieds and job boards as an opportunity to remind me that He is in control and that He always has my back. I came across an interesting posting on the newspaper's website for a graphic designer to work for a publisher with authors and editors to produce books. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to learn about the publishing industry and the job description fit my skills perfectly. So I applied using the link on the newspaper's site. Almost immediately, I received an e-mail declaring that the application was not received due to technical error. I tried again with the same result. By this time I was tired of filling out the same web form over and over and decided to take my chances on the publisher's website to see if the posting was listed there. My faithful friend, Google, lead my way to the site which proudly claimed to be the "#1 pagan, new age and mystical publisher in North America".

Wow, am I glad that my God loves me enough to save me from my own persistence!

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