Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Holding Pattern

Classes are over. Nick's visiting grandparents. Steve's at work. And I'm...well...what am I doing these days? This blog is supposed to be about my crazy, chaotic adventures of being a mother, wife, professional and wanna-be missionary. But lately the most interesting thing that's happened to me is my flip-flop falling off my foot and dropping off our third-story balcony (and I think I may have done that on purpose out of pure boredom).

That's the funny think about where we're at right now. Oh, sure we have meetings every night this week, contacts to follow-up with, Spanish to study...and blogs to write....but I'm spending most of my waking hours waiting for something important to happen. It's like being in a permanent holding pattern. You're certainly busy flying the plane, but you're not really going anywhere. You can see your destination circling below, but the tower's telling you to standby. You're just waiting for something...anything...to change.

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