Friday, February 28, 2014

Howdy Neighbors!

This blog is called Adventures in Chaos, and that's exactly what missionary life here in Tegucigalpa is like. Thankfully, we have DeeAnn to help orchestrate all that chaos. She's our Honduras Field Treasurer and lives in our building. In addition to handling all the field finances, she's been our welcoming committee! I don't know what we (or anyone else for that matter) would do without her.

DeeAnn also has a little miniature schnauzer mix that is extremely curious about her new neighbors. Sasha also makes me feel a little more at home because I love dogs and she reminds me of my mom's little schnauzer. DeeAnn and Sasha have made settling in to our new life just a little sweeter and we have already been blessed by their ministry to us!

Tonight we get to dog-sit! Yay!

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