Sunday, March 16, 2014

Field Trip Day

Every kid looks forward to a field trip. And we are no exception! On Friday, our Spanish teacher took us on an outing to a tourist area known as Valle de Angeles. We had extraordinary views, mild weather and plenty to space to walk around and do a little shopping. But by the time we got home, our brains were exhausted from the day of Spanish-only interactions. Still, it was a beautiful day and a wonderful vacation from our normal study routine. Below are some photos we took of our first field trip.

Steve and I with our Spanish teacher, Rosario.

A little tourist restaurant lures in customers with its assortment of pets, including this guy who snuck up on us!

And here are his little friends!

This little one was on a short leash and pretty scared of us when we approached.

Poinsettias aren't just for Christmas here in Honduras. They grow everywhere!

For some reason every tourist shop in Honduras has these roosters (and a lot of them!).

We've only ever seen two squirrels in Honduras and both of them have been pets! This one was in a cage outside a leather shop in the Valle.

Steve and I in the center square of Valle de Angeles.

On the way home, we stopped at one of the many stands along the road so Rosario could buy some flowers for her home.

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