Friday, May 30, 2014

A Street Kid with a Dream

Since our departure in 2010, our students have been scattered all over Honduras. So we held little hope of re-connecting with many of them. But God has amazed us with some very creative timing these last few months!

A few weeks ago, we were headed out of town toward El Sembrador when we found ourselves lost in the center of town. It was there that a group of gringos caught our eye. And as we gawked at this odd troop traipsing through the middle of the city, a familiar face popped out from behind them. It was our friend and former student, Arle! He looked up at the exact same moment and raced toward our car, which was stopped in heavy traffic. We had just enough time to exchange phone numbers before the traffic began to move again.

Arle is a leader and you know it from the moment you meet him. But his life has not been easy. Arle was a street kid and spent a great deal of his childhood in an orphanage. He never knew when he might eat again and he never knew the unconditional love of a family. But thanks to a powerful ministry called the Micah Project, Arle found a relationship with the Lord and has had the opportunity to grow into the man he is today. He is a graduate of El Sembrador and is currently attending the university seeking a degree in business management. He has a part-time job and lives at the Timothy House, a Micah Project program that allows young men to have adult responsibilities while still living within the support system of the Micah family.

When we finally met up with Arle for lunch, we found a man brimming with confidence no matter the challenges he faces. Always the joker, his laughter can be contagious and it's hard not to notice his natural charisma. Most importantly, he is seeking to follow Christ in his life. 

Arle told us that his dream is to one day own a franchise of his own. Clearly God has given him a vision and we are so excited and proud for him. Arle is the kind of leader who has the potential to really transform Honduras. Will you pray with us for Arle's dream to become a reality?

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