Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nick has a boo-boo!

Thanks to Nick, we had another new experience here in Honduras. We made our first visit to the ER. OK, it wasn't really an emergency per se, but after Nick severely jammed his finger in his PE class we needed to get an x-ray to make sure it wasn't broken.

Actually, it wasn't as traumatic as we had imagined. We did have to wait a long time. But both the doctor and the x-ray technician spoke English fairly well. So our precaution of bringing along the Umbaugh family to translate was sort of a waste for time for them. But we were grateful to have the support and having Jeremy there did help a lot when we discussed our payment options with the office. And thank goodness there was a t.v. in the waiting room showing funny cat videos to entertain the kids...well, at least it entertained Nick.

We decided to pay cash for the services and be reimbursed by our HSA later. We paid for an ER visit, an x-ray, a splint for the finger and an anti-inflammatory medicine. Who cares? You will when you find out the price. The whole episode cost less than $100!

Nick's first boo-boo in Honduras.

We even got a one-of-a-kind souvenir! In Honduras, you get to keep your x-ray film.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Nick and his finger are fine. 

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