Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Honduras!

193 years ago today, Honduras won its independence from Spain. That makes today a day of celebration here in Honduras. But it's also a special day for our family. Today we are honored have the opportunity to celebrate the rich culture and people we have grown to cherish. For us, today's parade in Catacamas was more than an independence day celebration in a foreign land. It was a reminder of the passion God has put into each our hearts for a nation that He deeply loves.

Today we praise God for this country and its people! Will you join us as we commend Honduras into His hands? May His glory and blessing rain down on this tiny little part of Creation that we now call home!

Parades in Honduras are mostly made up of students from area schools who prepare presentations for weeks in advance.

This float celebrates the country's Mayan roots.

Wearing a native dress celebrating the department of Francisco Morazan, this young lady was part of a group of women representing each of the country's unique departments (or states).

For girls, this is their chance to be princess for a day. And there were no shortage of ball gowns and crowns in this parade!

This little guy was all smiles as he watched all the commotion around him.

Kids lined both sides of the street to get the best view. Aren't they beautiful?

Guess who was the star of the parade? We couldn't walk more than a few steps without being stopped for oohing and awing. He must have thought all this celebration was a social event planned just for him! 

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