Saturday, January 31, 2015

If you built it, you will win

Thanks to a generous donation, we finally have enough Legos for the students to create some pretty impressive sculptures. So last night in the rec room, we had a our first ever Lego Competition. We divided the students into two teams and gave them an hour to work together to build something amazing.

One team built this original aircraft with its very own airport.

But the winning team built a police station with an attached jail and a runway for the rescue airplane.

The winning team was rewarded with a 3-liter of Pepsi to share.

When the contest was over, we talked about how difficult it can be to work in a team. But, as this contest showed, we must work together to accomplish our shared goals. And our goal here at El Sembrador is the success of each of our students. So we all committed to work as a team for a successful new school year.

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