Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Year, New Name

We're officially ready to welcome the students for the 2015 school year tomorrow! We're really excited! And we've spent the last few days sprucing up the rec room. It is officially transformed into an official fun space, complete with a new nickname. Welcome to "El Nido" ("The Nest")!

We traded in our cardboard "Open" sign for something a little more flashy.

 Believe it or not, we found some glass paint markers here in Catacamas. We used it to spruce up the doors. I can hardly wait to have an art contest to see who can paint the best door decorations!

Our "We want to know..." poster is back this year. And we started with a tough question: "What is one word that perfectly describes your personality?"

The ugly display case has been decorated and is ready for the photos of our various contest winners.

Our game menus are printed. Here, the student can see all the games available to check out and play. And just for something new once in a while, we have a collection of other games set aside to add to the menu later.

This year, we're hoping to have some art projects available to make during free time. So we made this gallery where we can hang our favorite pieces with miniature clothespins to decorate El Nido.

This project took way longer than expected, but I think it turned out cuter than just plain lettering.

A fancy new LED sign tells everyone what's happening and when.

Last time we were in Tegucigalpa, we had my design printed as a big sign for the wall.

The Rules
Everyone is welcome.
Take care of your things.
Be respectful, friendly, creative. 
Try new things.
Make good memories.
Say please and thank you.
Play, share, learn, have fun.
Don't fight.
Clean up when you're finished.

We really need a new sofa in El Nido this year, but instead of just buying it from our own budget. We're asking the students to contribute by recycling at least 3,000 plastic bottles. So we made this poster to track our progress.

And of course the puppy is ready to greet his new best friends!

Just one more thing left to do before we open the doors. Will you take a moment to pray for the ministry of El Nido?

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