Friday, February 20, 2015

Little Hawks

With all the activity going on in El Nido (the rec room), we decided that the younger kids needed a separate time to enjoy all it has to offer. For the first time today, we opened for the "Halcóncitos" ("Little Hawks"). We hope to make it a permanent part of our schedule, opening once a week after school for the children of the workers that live on campus.

We started the afternoon with a craft project, making airplanes out of clothespins and popsicle sticks.

We invited children ages 6 to 12, but we couldn't say no to this little guy when he showed up with his big brother. Steve helped him decorate his airplane.

We aren't used to seeing many girls in El Nido, so the Halcóncitos give us unique opportunity to minister to some special young ladies.

Steve played foosball with a couple of the kids, while the others watched a Dumbo DVD.

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