Monday, February 09, 2015

Made to be Creative

We are made in the Creator's image. Therefore we are made to be creators ourselves. This is an idea that we touched on at the Discipling Nations conference in Panama and again at camp. And it's a theme that God has been whispering in my ear ever since we saw the sawdust carpets on Good Friday. I don't think we as a Church have really grasped and understood our power to influence communities and nations for Christ through creative pursuits.

So after talking with Steve, we decided to give the students at El Sembrador more opportunities to express themselves through the arts in the rec room. As part of this effort, we spent this weekend with a very simple craft project for Valentine's Day. Honestly, Steve was pretty skeptical that this would go over well with teenage boys, even though we know how popular the holiday is here in Honduras. And I'll admit I was starting to have my doubts as I prepared the materials. But it turned out to be such a huge success that I had to rush to prepare materials for a second day of crafts!

They may have been making hearts for their loved ones, but it's my heart that is overflowing with happiness as I look at these photos.

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