Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Celebrating Honduras

When we traveled to the Discipling Nations Alliance Conference in Panama last year, one of the lessons that really stuck in my brain is the idea that the Lord loves the diversity among our different cultures. In fact, he created our cultures in order to glorify Himself. And one day each and every culture that has ever been or ever will be will kneel before the Lord and present its very best from arts to language to innovations as an offering before the throne. I am absolutely enamored by that thought.

So it's no wonder that today that picture was fresh and vibrant in my mind as we commemorated Day of the Honduran with the students and staff of El Sembrador. Each class was assigned a region and people group to represent. They built and decorated elaborate kiosks to showcase their region's characteristics and prepared native cuisine to sell. The event was accented by dance performances, dramas and even a fancy horse show. It was an honor to be able to walk through the exhibits and see the best of what Honduras has to offer. And it reminded us of all the reasons we love our adopted home.

A class of children was invited to perform a traditional dance routine at the celebration.

Each booth was built and decorated to reflect the culture of the region which it represented.

Native foods were sold at each booth, like this coconut.

Music performances and dramas added to the festive atmosphere.

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