Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Let's Move!

Steve and I got new FitBits for my birthday this year. And I've been surprised at it's effectiveness. No, I've been amazed. I mean let's get real, the FitBit doesn't really do anything. But we are spending a lot of time strategizing and planning our day around advancing those little blinking lights. Suddenly, a rainy day is an obstacle that must be overcome. It's almost an obsession. Somehow the magic of FitBit has managed to motivate us to get up and move.

So what if there was a little device that could motivate the church to move? An honest, accurate little FitBit that reported our progress. Would it excite us and drive us to make a bigger difference? Would it galvanize our commitment to Kingdom work? Would it drive the church to obsession?

Almost every day we're hearing from pastors, missions boards and outreach leaders who say they are inundated with requests day-in and day-out. Of course, they'd love to be able to support everyone. And they would like to meet and talk about what God is doing around the world. But there just isn't time. And, probably more accurately, there just isn't money. You may have even thought the same things as you're faced with opportunities to give to various projects, organizations and causes. And while we certainly understand your position, I can't help but wonder what this means for us as a church. We have a God with infinite resources. Yet there are countless servants who are frustrated, discouraged and unable to fulfill God's call to minister to the world because His church is overwhelmed by need. Why?

I am convinced that God has not abandoned us to our own devices. Instead I've come to the conclusion that we, as the church body, have woefully mismanaged and underestimated God's resources. Well I say this is no time for us to be sidelined by small thinking. The world is hurting. People are dying. It's time to move. So it's up to us folks--you and me. We have to be the FitBit that gets our churches off the couch. We have to start planning our days and weeks around advancing God's Kingdom. We have to get our sick healed, our poor fed and our missionaries funded. If we don't, who will?

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