Saturday, February 04, 2017

Birthday Bummer

This year Steve's birthday present was getting to move into our new apartment in Sigautepeque―all by himself. Oh I was here to direct and slowly unpack boxes and suitcases. But Steve did the heavy lifting while getting accustomed to the hot and humid weather again. No cake, no presents. Just a whole lot of sweating and being bossed around by the wife.

And if a birthday of hard labor isn't bad enough, disaster struck when we finally settled in for the evening. While trying to cut a piece of cord with a sharp knife, Steve sliced into one of his fingers. It was bloody and deep. Imagine being in a new city where you know no one. You don't know where the hospital is or even if there is one nearby. And you know you need medical attention quickly. Now imagine that you don't speak the local language well. And that's where Steve and I found ourselves on his birthday in our new home in Honduras.

Thankfully, classes at our language school start on Monday and we've already been introduced to the directors. So we called these complete strangers and asked for help. Mark rushed right over to drive Steve to the clinic. Three stitches and a lot of humility later, the day finally ended.

It wasn't the birthday celebration we'd have liked, but at least we'll never forget it!


April Williams said...

O no!! I am so sorry Steve! Praying you all have a restful and uneventful day tomorrow! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy burfday, Steve.