Tuesday, December 12, 2006

CBDS Strikes the Nation

In an attempt to solve all the world's problems, our local newspaper ran an article on how to tie a bow today. So before I turn my attention to the problems of the middle east and stem cell research, I will pass on this valuable information to all the crafters out there who struggle with CBDS (Christmas Bow Deficiency Syndrome) day after day. Although CBDS is more noticeable around the holidays, this heartbreaking illness is common and symptoms can be seen in cards, gifts, scrapbooks and sewing projects year-round. There is no cure for CBDS, but if you or someone you love is suffering with the disease, the instruction below can offer some relief.

  1. Start as if to tie your shoe and twist, leaving it longer on one side.

  2. Bring ribbon across bottom of twist, up over the side and across the top of twist. Tuck under twist and pull back toward yourself. It is now stable. No knots are necessary. Make a loop and pinch in the middle.

  3. Bring the short piece of ribbon across the top and tuck through hole formed by pinching the loop.

  4. Tighten bow and trim ribbon ends by folding each one in half, left to right as is you were closing a book. Cut on the diagonal, away from yourself, forming an upside down v.

Now to sort out that pesky little UN mess...

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