Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Knitted Overalls?

My new niece and her favorite aunt.

Now, that my sweet little niece has been born, I can finally share the photos of my latest knitting project. I worked for months on these little knitted overalls. Not just any ordinary baby sweater would do. I had to knit something that would be unique and stand out in a crowd. It's not pastel and it's not frilly, but you have to admit it's adorable!

Front: Those little buttons took an eternity to sew on. For those who don't know, I am sewing challenged.

Back: Check out those cute little pockets. I have no idea what a baby keeps in her pockets, but they are cute nonetheless.

As usual, I welcome your comments on my latest project (that's my way of fishing of compliments, people!) Why don't y'all ever comment anyway? I know you're out there! Perhaps my uncanny wit has dumbfounded you and you are unable to speak, much less type. Or maybe you have surfed so long that you no longer have a free thought or opinion in your head and you are lulled into believing and agreeing with everything you read on the net. In this case, my beauty has recently won me the title of Miss America and you must send me cash in order to prevent a massive earthquake that will destroy us all.

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Nathan said...

Please define exactly how massive said earthquake will be, and where is its epicenter?

KellyFaith said...

It will be horrific and Dallas is definitely the epicenter. Send $29.95 +$9.95 processing fee OR a compliment on my knitting and be spared. (I accept paypal for the payment and blog comments for the compliments)

rebecca said...

I'm working my way through your blog, having begun 9/27/07. What fun it is! I think this is the cutest baby thing I've ever seen. Darling! I'm sure you'll hate to see her grow out of it.