Thursday, December 21, 2006

Global Warming Hits Minnesota

I think we finally have undeniable proof of global warming this year. Not only is the frozen tundra of the north facing a brown Christmas, but today it is raining. Raining! I don't mean freezing rain or drizzle. I mean a downpour. It is cloudy and wet and icky outside, but I don't need a coat Minnesota. What more proof do we need?!?!

Besides soaking the ground for the inevitable freeze that will send semis skidding off the highways, this quirky weather system has also dampened the holiday spirit around here. No loud snowmobiles rumble down the quiet neighborhood streets. The holiday lights look almost pathetic with those dark rain clouds hanging overhead. The ski resorts can barely manufacture enough snow to remain open. And the ice skating rink by our house is a giant brown mud puddle. Worst of all, I bought CT a snowboard for Christmas! Needless to say, I feel very Grinchy today.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HI Kelly. I'm a newlywed and just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for giving me a peek into your world.

I know—it's hard to get in the spirit of a brown holiday.