Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pig in a Sweater

Over the holidays I took a trip to Branson to visit some family, including my aunt and her little dog, Pig. For blog's sake, we'll call my aunt ANT (we don't say "ont" down there) and we'll call her wee pooch PIG (because that's her name). Anyway, on the plane to and from LB's wedding I knitted until my poor fingers cramped and I managed to complete a tiny dog sweater for my doggie cousin's Christmas gift. I was able to deliver the present in person while in Branson and I snapped a few pictures of the model in her chic garb.

I had to judge the appropriate size by looking up the average size of the papillon breed. PIG's name fits her well and the sweater was a little tight around the middle. However, ANT seems to think that PIG will benefit from a diet this new year and perhaps the sweater will not be as snug by Valentine's Day.

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