Thursday, January 18, 2007

Did Harry Potter Lose Something?

Woohoo! The Never-Ending Scarf...has ended! I finished it earlier this week with much fanfare the Happy Scarf Dance. I'll send it off the MH (Mom's Hubby) this weekend. It's a little belated Christmas present, but it's still cold, right? And when it's cold every man appreciates a new handknit scarf, right?

OK, before you say anything, I am aware that the Never-Ending Scarf may bear a vague resemblance to the slightly more famous Harry Potter scarf. Don't worry, dear Harry is not freezing his delicate throat at Hogwart's. No wonder those colors looked so familiar together in the store! Here's a closer photo showing the stitches and the color that you'll notice is considerably different than those on Harry's neck warmer.

Despite it's odd width, I don't think it turned out too bad. Keep in mind that MH is fifty or sixty something and won't even realize that his new favorite accessory is nearly identical to that of a famous teenaged wizard least he won't realize it until the neighbor's kid offers to trade him a pack of bubble gum and his favorite baseball card for his awesome Harry Potter scarf so he can take it show-and-tell.

Crafty Resolution #1 CHECK!

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