Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spring How I Long For Thee

Was it really just a few weeks ago that I was complaining about global warming and lack of winter in the frozen tundra of Minnesota? Oh, how quickly my tune has changed! How long must I endure this bone-chilling, arctic winter? Where is the smog-induced warmth that I crave?

For those not aware, my office recently relocated to another building in the same office complex. However, a majority of the people and functions I work with did not relocate (corporate efficiency, at its best). Inevitably, the thing or person I need is always "in the other building" regardless of which building I am currently in. This has left me spending most of my day scurrying outdoors across the polar abyss we call a parking lot and bounding up and down the stairs in each building. So far today, I estimate that I've burned about 1200 calories taking the stairs alone (therefore, I feel I've earned this greasy piece of pizza, thank you very much).

Due to this recent change in my rigorous exercise program (the change being that it now takes place primarily outdoors......oh yeah, and that an exercise program actually exists), I have found in necessary to revise my Crafty Resolutions by moving #4 up on the list to #3. I deserve some new yummy yarn and my frost-bitten ears will thank me for it! I wonder how many calories knitting burns....

So your wonderfully warm scarf patterns and/or yarn recommendations are much appreciated. I am also in need of some matching mittens, so I might feel compelled to add that to the list in the near future.

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