Thursday, April 12, 2007

KellyFaith's Tour de Cure Training Log

This weather is crazy...even for Minnesota. Did you know that it is against the law for Minneapolis to even declare a snow emergency after April 1? I just cannot believe that people think its a good idea to build an outdoor ballpark for the Twins! A couple of seasons like this and we'll have to call it snowball rather than baseball.

I got a very nice note and donation from one of Mom's neighbors...a really nice lady. It always amazes me how many friends she has. I think CT takes after her in that regard. They know no strangers and make new friends wherever they go. Sometimes I envy that. Other times I'm pretty happy that I'm able to dash into the grocery story in my sweats to buy a huge bag of chocolates to go with my personal items without running into someone I know. There's nothing worse than trying to quickly stuff "normal" things into your cart while trying to avoid eye contact with a well-meaning acquaintance.... especially when you're in a rush to get home to watch Desperate Housewives while polishing off the entire bag of Hershey's or a pint of ice cream.....or both. Still, it's good to have so many friends when you need them. I'm glad Mom is such a social butterfly. It means I don't have to be. By extension, her friends are my friends (whether they know it or not). I don't really feel the need to make small talk with the lady at the checkout, because Mom is probably busy chatting with the lady in her checkout stand and has probably already made a friend for life. Then she'll call me when she gets home to tell me all about the nice lady that she met at the grocery store.

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