Tuesday, May 29, 2007

There Is No Prescription for Procrastination

Deck frustration...or maybe it's more like husband frustration is slowly creeping up on my otherwise sunny mood these days. Now that PK can step outside our sliding glass door without falling to his doom, he seems to have stalled out. Meanwhile, we have no railings and no stairs and NO PROGRESS! I can't blame him for being tired of the whole thing, but I am seeing the symptoms of the stretch-a-project-out-for months-or-years-so-nothing-ever-is-truly-DONE virus and I am not very happy. Unfortunately, this illness is extremely contagious and leads to prematurely moving on to other projects only to find that the virus has spread to them as well. The result is a perpetually incomplete home improvement nightmare and a very cranky wife. So far, all of my attempts at motivation have been fruitless. I fear my only recourse is to schedule the final inspection so that PK has a deadline that must be reached. Deadlines are frequently ignored in my home though, so I'm not very hopeful. Perhaps it is too late for Project Deck and I should focus on saving Project Refinished Floors or Project Black Top Driveway....now that I think about it Project Lawn Care has been neglected in favor of "deck-related" activities (the quotes mean that I am not buying this excuse). No cure has yet been found for a hubby's unwillingness to complete any home improvement project, but a margarita does wonders for the wives coping with the symptoms. I, however, will have to resort to drinking while sitting in a lawn chair on the front step, since I have no deck on which to lounge.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly this is Michelle. I googled your name a while back and found your blog. We have lots to catch up on. I have read some of your blog and talked to your Mom lately so I know a little about what's going on with you. My email address is mspinas@cox.net. Send me an email and lets be in touch!