Monday, June 04, 2007

25 Miles?...No Sweat

OK, there was sweat. A lot of really stinky sweat in addition to a lot of whining and even a few tears. But I made it. I rode 25 miles on my bike. Together, PK and I raised about $350 for the Tour de Cure. I climbed mountains (I scoff at those who call them hills) and dodged downtown traffic to finish the event in 2 hours 40 minutes. Every time I thought I wouldn't make it (and there were quite a few of those times), I just thought of Mom. I said to myself, "Self, if Mom can stick herself a dozen times a day for 20 years just to survive, then you can make it a few more miles." And I did.... I made it 24 more miles, to be exact.

Yes, I'm a bit saddle sore and my muscles are achy, but I did it and I didn't think I could. I thank you all for your support and prayers. Now, for anyone who is interested, I have a nice rarely used bike for sale. I believe I've hung up my helmet for good this time. OK, maybe I should wait just few days before I discard my trusty steed. I mean we have been through a lot together....well, at least a little anyway. It's just that when I see it sitting there in the garage all peaceful and relaxed against the lawn mower, I want to kick it....hard and maybe hurl a few things at it. It's not the bike I detest....I think it's exercise as a whole that really irks me. I'm one of those people who really, really hates physical activity. I thought I good cause would make it more interesting for me...and it did. But now that it's over, I'm back to loathing that hell on two wheels more than ever. I think I'm one of those people who hates doing things that I have to do. Perhaps if exercise wasn't good for me or if I didn't have to do it in order to remain below 300 pounds, I would actually enjoy a nice run through the park...or a good aerobics video. But alas the couch potato is a dieing breed (literally) and I must exercise if only for self-preservation. So my bike sits there waiting for me to hop on again....or to kick it, whichever comes first. I think I'll give myself a week or two off....maybe join the ping pong league at work (that's exercise, right?).

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